PC Gamer slanders Ackbar, I defend him.

I subscribe to PC Gamer — the US edition, sorry UK folks — and was shocked to read their May 2010 issue. An article on the then-upcoming StarCraft II included a chart, “Celebrity StarCraft,” on how certain “famous tacticians” would play StarCraft II. Among the tacticians were Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, and our main man, Admiral Ackbar himself.

But I was horrified at their slander…

This is Ackbar’s entry (PC Gamer US, issue 200, May 2010, p. 25):

Known for: “It’s a trap!”
Race: Protoss
Fave Unit: Carrier
Tactic: Wander gill-long into the fog of war
Skill: 2
Weakness: Slight surprises, crawfish jambalaya

This, my friends, would not stand.

My letter of protest was actually published three issues later! Page 9 of PC Gamer issue 203, August 2010, includes my defense of the good Admiral, under the heading “He’s still a fish”:

I must protest your slanderous portrayal of Admiral Ackbar in your May issue Starcraft II article. Ackbar is a brilliant tactician who was not prone to “wander[ing] gill-long into the fog of war.” He couldn’t have anticipated the Endor space battle trap — the entire thing had been orchestrated by the Emperor, the freaking Dark Lord of the Sith, to trap the Rebels. And besides, I seem to recall the Rebellion winning anyway.

You’re welcome.


About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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