Ackbar-Themed Crossword

I’m a bit of a crossword enthusiast, though I’m definitely more of a solver than creator. But when the idea of making an Ackbar-themed crossword came to mind, I had to give it a shot. Beyond the theme entries, there are quite a few other Star Wars references in other answers as well.

So here it is: a 21×21 Ackbar-themed crossword, following actual crossword symmetry. I sadly don’t have the tools to make an interactive crossword, but after the cut is an image of the grid that you can print out, plus the list of clues…

Click for full size!

1. Accessory that came with the vintage action figure of 23-Across
6. Flightless bird
9. Baseball stat
12. Sports org.
15. Black hole cluster near Kessel
18. Longtime SNL announcer
19. A long time
20. First word of 9-year-old Anakin Skywalker’s terrible pick-up line
21. The man behind 23-Across
23. Rebel tactical genius of the Battle of Endor
26. Flagship of 23-Across
27. Jack Bauer’s agency
28. Blocks
29. Signals agreement
30. Months and months (abbr.)
32. 1999 film
36. “____ go!”
37. Compass point
40. “Because I ____!”
42. Hoth sight
44. Filter
46. Sketch
47. Lovecraftian author Carter
48. Some batteries
50. Drummer in Jabba’s palace
51. Total
52. “I dunno,” for short
53. In ____ (debt)
55. Ernie’s pal
59. Entered (in), as on a computer
62. Hound’s tooth?
65. A sometimes illegal maneuver
67. Aragorn’s love
68. Vow words
70. Home planet of 23-Across
74. Alias
75. Military rank, for short
78. “Where do you think you’re ____?”
79. Part and _____
82. Twi’lek pazaak player
83. Romanian six
84. _____ the phone
87. Part of the NJIT
88. Voice-over
91. Futurama cyclops
92. Particles from firing a gun (not blaster)
93. ____ Miss, school who tried to use 23-Across as a mascot
96. Dynamic intro?
97. Less common
98. Imperial Navy rank
100. Old Ben
102. Tofu component
103. Fast planes (though not quite hyperdriven)
106. “______? You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?”
109. Tatooine city starter
110. ______ gold (supposed rainbow treasure)
112. Sweet
114. Location of Skywalker Ranch
116. How Princess Leia addressed 100-Across
118. X-wing pilot hero of the Battle of Endor
123. Cantina bartender (no relation to 23-Across…)
124. “… _____ tractor beam!”
125. Music genre
126. Type of droid
127. Music genre
128. Un-even?
129. Type of 58-Down
130. Agency formed to replace CorSec in 7 ABY
131. The Modal _____, Figrin D’an’s band

1. Relaxing place
2. Bit
3. Ponda Baba lost one
4. Member _____
5. Sector full of enemy ships during the Battle of Endor
6. Snaky fish
7. Extinct flightless birds
8. Personification of 114-Across
9. Jewish teacher
10. Orchestra section
11. Comparative ending
12. Utmost (degree)
13. Luke’s hand, for example
14. Bullets
15. Large mammal
16. “Like ____”
17. Divisions of months
22. 118-Across’s callsign during the Battle of Endor
24. Atmosphere
25. Comic book sound effect
31. Crib death
33. Grease
34. Magic: the Gathering tournament sanctioning body
35. German article
37. Placement test for junior high students
38. Indian religion
39. “How could they be jamming us if they don’t know… if _____?”
41. Psychotic vampire played by Juliet Landau, familiarly
43. 62-Across, in space
45. Jayne Cobb’s very favorite gun
49. A family of Force-users
54. Not too bright
55. Protuberance
56. Flight info
57. Piratical drink
58. What it is, according to 23-Across
60. Mouse-sighter’s cry
61. Jango and Boba’s are identical
63. Eggy drink
64. Son of Seth
66. Second Amendment support group?
68. Hospital section
69. Kel ___, species of helium-breathers
71. Spy org.
72. Solution, for short
73. A Division of the NYC Subway
76. One name for the location of 70-Across
77. “____ it is!”
80. With the help of 118-Across, destroyed the Second Death Star
81. Zeno of ____
85. Margarine
86. ____ a soul
88. “______ down inside”
89. Container
90. Explosion noise
93. When doubled, a Gungan deity
94. Notes
95. Tolkien creature
96. Treat like _____
99. _____ on (here and there)
101. Clash
103. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, for example
104. Mote
105. Toy truck company
107. Act division
108. _____ it (jumped in)
111. Black-and-white cookie
113. Thanksgiving vegetables
115. Moreover
117. Boy
118. “Either way, you ____.”
119. Utapauan monster
120. Lucasfilm ___
121. Before, before
122. Distress signal


About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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4 Responses to Ackbar-Themed Crossword

  1. Reanée says:

    It’s amazing that you did this. Unfortunately there are a few random references here that leave me confuzzled. Like who Aragorn’s love is.. I’m not sure what that’s even from.

  2. Reanée says:

    Oooooh yeah never got into Lord of the Rings. If I had a printer I would sooo print this out and do it regardless of the few random references I don’t get.. because I could just google them!

    • Marissa says:

      You don’t need a printer: use graph paper! But filling in the black squares and numbering the squares is probably too much effort for someone lazy like you. Sigh. I’ll just print you a copy.

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