Top 5 Ackbar Toys That Don’t Exist (But Totally Should)

Though Admiral Ackbar has his fair share of merchandise, there are quite a few things I’m disappointed don’t exist. Here’s my personal top 5 list of Ackbar toys that don’t exist, but should…

5. Admiral Snackbar
The geniuses behind the Wookiee Cookies cookbook were clever enough to come up with “Boba Fett-ucine,” and yet missed out on the obvious Admiral Snackbar? Yeah, calamari might be too much for a cookbook aimed at younger fans, but surely some sort of granola bar — i.e., snack bar — could be Ackbar-inspired. It’s not even as much of a stretch as “Dark Side Salsa,” am I right?

4. Admiral Ackbar CommTech Action Figure
For those of you who don’t know, CommTech chips were little accessories packaged with some Star Wars action figures. When you ran the chips over a “CommTech Reader,” they played a sound clip of the character speaking. It was mostly a feature on Episode I figures, but a few classic trilogy characters got CommTech chips as well (though only a scant few from A New Hope). So, sadly, an Ackbar CommTech figure was never made. You can hear Jawas “Utinni!”-ing their little hearts out, but you’ll never hear “It’s a trap!”

3. Admiral Ackbar Coin
Kenner’s vintage Power of the Force (POTF) line included coins minted with pictures of the characters. The late 90s Power of the Force line (POTF2) also had some special figures with coins. Hasbro’s 2007 30th Anniversary line of figures included coins. Who got left out every time? Ackbar. As an occasional casual numismatist as well, I’m very disappointed here.

2. Admiral Ackbar Transforming Playset
Galoob’s Micro Machines transforming playsets were one of the coolest Star Wars toys I remember having as a kid. My favorite was definitely Boba Fett — it was a model of his helmet, and when you opened it up, it became an entire playset of Cloud City, with a tunnel for Luke to fall through, a conveyor belt for a broken C-3PO, and micro-scale figures of characters like Lando and Luke. Ackbar would have been perfect for one of these! He could transform into the Rebel base on Home One, or maybe even Mon Calamari! Galoob weren’t beyond making up new playsets — a TIE pilot helmet transformed into an Imperial training academy never seen in the films, so Mon Calamari wouldn’t be too “EU” for them.

1. Admiral Ackbar PEZ Dispenser
I just can’t believe they never made one.

About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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3 Responses to Top 5 Ackbar Toys That Don’t Exist (But Totally Should)

  1. Reanée says:

    Fo real, the lack of the snackbar and pez is disturbing.

    • Marissa says:

      I know… the weird Mon Cal head shape would be so perfect on a PEZ dispenser!

      As for Ackbar snacks… I’ve found that there was a UK company that sold yogurt with Ackbar packaging for the pineapple flavor (‘cuz when you think pineapple, you think Ackbar… right? Right?)

      Also, in my research of random Star Wars-related merchandise, I’ve found that Nagatanien, an Asian company, sold seafood in Star Wars packaging for Episode I. If only they used classic trilogy characters… Ackbar would be perfect for seafood!

  2. Reanée says:

    George Lucas should really let us handle advertising his merch. Clearly he has no idea what he’s doing/allowing to happen. Pineapple yogurt Ackbar?? I mean awesome purely because it’s Ackbar, but makes no sense.

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