“It’s a Trap,” The Song

UPDATE: Check out this blog entry for the lyrics to the “It’s a Trap” song!

Paul and Storm, for those of you who don’t know, are a musical duo who sing highly inappropriate songs. You can check their music out at paulandstorm.com, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Highly inappropriate.

Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are two of the talented folks formerly from Mystery Science Theater 3000, now working on Rifftrax — audio files you sync up with your DVDs, providing MST3K-style commentary. Check out their website at rifftrax.com. And yes, there is a Rifftrax commentary for every Star Wars movie, and for us Ackbar fans, here is a quick link to the ROTJ riff.

Why am I talking about Paul, Storm, and MST3K in an Ackbar blog? Good question! Please read on…

At w00tstock Minneapolis, Kevin, Bill, Paul, and Storm performed a song titled “It’s a Trap!” It is, of course, about Admiral Ackbar.

A YouTube video of the performance is available here. Unlike many Paul and Storm songs, this is safe for work, but if you really do work somewhere where you can watch videos of Ackbar songs at your leisure, that’s pretty great.

This past weekend, I attended PAX East, a gamers’ convention. Paul and Storm were there, and I had the opportunity to meet with them and ask them about “It’s a Trap.”

It’s not available on any albums, and I don’t think it was even performed anywhere else except w00tstock. Bill Corbett wrote the song, and since the lyrics were not posted anywhere as far as I know, Paul and/or Storm promises to either email me the full lyrics or point me in Bill Corbett’s direction to get the lyrics from him. My inner Mystery Science Theater 3000 fangirl is squealing with delight, let me tell you.

And finally, though it really has nothing to do with Ackbar, Paul and Storm do indeed have an album called Do You Like Star Wars? (Again, you are warned: it is full of highly inappropriate songs!) They signed it like this:

Assuming Paul and/or Storm haven’t forgotten, or lost my email address, I should have the full lyrics for “It’s a Trap!” sooner or later. I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

UPDATE: Check out this blog entry for the lyrics!


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One Response to “It’s a Trap,” The Song

  1. Reanée says:

    they better not forget/lose your email address, I wanna see the lyrics!!

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