Clone Wars first thoughts

I literally just finished watching the season 4 premiere of The Clone Wars featuring young Captain Ackbar. I’ll post a more detailed episode review later, but right now, what’s been on my mind is:

Other than his fancy helmet, which I suspect they gave him to distinguish him from all the other Mon Calamari in the episode, am I to believe that Ackbar never changed his clothes in over 20 years? I would have liked to see a different costume.

Seriously, though, I enjoyed the episode’s take on the Mon Calamari (the planet and the people), and although I sometimes find The Clone Wars‘ inclusion of original trilogy characters to be annoying and occasionally downright infuriating, I can’t say I was unhappy with Ackbar’s portrayal.

Here’s a publicity still of Captain Ackbar with his fancy helmet:

Click for full size.


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I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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