Weekend Ack-Up (24 September 2011)

My apologies for being late on this, the first of two Weekend Ack-Ups. This “Weekend” Ack-Up, being posted on a Tuesday, was meant for Saturday, 24 September 2011.

Without further ado, here’s the big Ackbar news of the past week:

The biggest Ackbar news these days is, of course, his appearance in The Clone Wars. Here is a collection of links about The Clone Wars. If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, be wary of SPOILERS!

It is in fact this The Clone Wars appearance that is the reason for this Weekend Ack-Up – so much Ackbar has been happening that I needed a good place to gather all the Ackbar-related information.

StarWars.com has “episode guides” for the three Mon Calamari episodes of The Clone Wars. The new StarWars.com is disappointingly scant on information, but here are the links anyway. The episodes are currently (as I write this, it’s 27 September 2011) available to watch online at these links, but they will not stay online forever.
–Episode 401, Water War
–Episode 402, Gungan Attack
–Episode 403, Prisoners

TheForce.net has a few articles about the Mon Calamari episodes of The Clone Wars, including this article, featuring the Lucasfilm press release information about the two premiere episodes, and a short piece of interesting trivia.

TheForce.net also has reviews of all the episodes.
–Episode 401, Water War
–Episode 402, Gungan Attack
–Episode 403, Prisoners

ForceCast has a podcast about the first two Season 4 The Clone Wars episodes. They also have a special video report on The Clone Wars‘ premiere, featuring interviews with various people working on The Clone Wars, including Artt Butler, the voice of Ackbar.

As I posted about earlier, here is an EchoBaseNews interview with Artt Butler as well.

In non-The Clone Wars Ackbar news, SFgate has an article on Erik Bauersfeld, the voice of Ackbar in ROTJ.


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