My Collection So Far

I started this blog with the intention of showing off my Ackbar collection, and then… I never did.

Here it is.

So far, takes up three shelves (well, two shelves and the top of the shelf). Modest, but still fairly impressive for an Ackbar collection, if I do say so myself.


Click through for more pictures…

The top of the shelf holds my 12″ Ackbar, and a display box with my Gentle Giant Ackbar mini-bust, LEGO Ackbars, other mini Ackbar figurines, and yes, that’s an Admiral Ackbar cereal box from Celebration V.

Then, below that, are the standard 3.75″ action figures.

Carded moderns, along with loose vintages and moderns. In the corner is the tiny Wizards of the Coast Ackbar miniature.

And below that, we have:

Vintage Ben Cooper Ackbar costume, Ackbar trading cards, a Celebration 4 Ackbar pass, and a variety of fan-made items. Also, some extra Star Cases and action figure stands (in the white box).

I apologize for the bad picture quality; these were taken by webcam. I will show off individual Ackbar pieces along with better quality photos in future posts.

About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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2 Responses to My Collection So Far

  1. mffanrodders says:

    Cool collection. Can i ask if you’ve checked out anything from Red Bubble or Etsy?

    Red Bubble often have some nice images on tee shirts and stickers and Etsy have some awesome hand made items. I’ve taken the liberty of carrying out a search on each for you. (Just in case, you know?)

    • Marissa says:

      Like I said in a previous comment, I went on a huge Ackbar eBay spree recently and am trying to hold off on any more online purchases for the time being. But when I get back on that wagon, I’ll be sure to check these out. Thank you very much for the links!

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