Ackbar, a mere pawn?

I just found out about a Star Wars chess set by Planeta DeAgostini. It is being released piece by piece in subscription format, much like the DeAgostini figurines and starship models.

There is a microsite dedicated to the set here, and details on the individual pieces can be found here. However, everything’s in Spanish, which I don’t know. I have gathered that Ackbar is piece #24 in the series, and is a mere pawn – insulting, I know – but his figurine looks quite nice.

I honestly have no idea if/when this set is coming to other countries, or anything else, really. I’m sorry to be so scant on details. Any help would be appreciated!

UPDATE: More information here!


About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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2 Responses to Ackbar, a mere pawn?

  1. mffanrodders says:

    I really like these and i am very much hoping that this partwork comes to the UK.

    • Marissa says:

      From what I’ve seen, it was supposed to be released in a lot of different countries, but I think it was ultimately cancelled everywhere except for this Spanish version. I could be wrong; information about these things is strangely hard to come by. Since I don’t know Spanish, the website isn’t much help to me. I wish I had more information for you, I’m sorry!

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