Ben Cooper Ackbar Halloween Costume

As you prepare your Ackbar costumes and Ack-o-lanterns for Mon Calloween, let me show off my 1983 Ben Cooper Ackbar costume.

Ben Cooper made a lot of Star Wars Halloween costumes for children. You know, the kind where the front of the costume shows off a picture of the character.

The box itself features the ROTJ logo (a rare version with the Revenge of the Jedi logo exists as well, I believe), with a plastic covering over a hole in the box to show off the mask. As you can see in the picture, the plastic covering on mine has ripped.

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The mask is a simple face mask that only covers the front of the face and is held in place with an elastic band. My head is too big, so instead of breaking the elastic, here I am holding it in front of my face. Notice that the eye holes are in the mouth, so it looks a bit like Ackbar has eaten my head.

I also need to brush my hair.

The costume part is still in its packaging. There is an insert that shows what the costume inside looks like.

Ackbar is Ackbar's #1 fan. He only wears clothing with his own face on it.

I’m a little sad that costumes like this aren’t around anymore. You still have your Darth Vaders, and lately¬†there’s a lot of clone troopers and Jedi, but characters like Ackbar just aren’t getting the proper Halloween treatment.


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I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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