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Licensed Trap shirt

There are plenty of unofficial T-shirts out there featuring Ackbar, usually involving a trap joke of some kind. I’ve recently been seeing this shirt on eBay, and just thought it was another in a long line of trap-related shirts… until … Continue reading

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Another focus blog, and some more collection updates…

Another focus collector — this time not a character collector, but a Millennium Falcon¬†collector — has linked to this blog, and I’m returning the favor. Check out Mffanrodders’ Falcon collection here! (You can always find this and other collecting links … Continue reading

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A sad day

Today marks 8 years since Admiral Ackbar was killed off in the novel The Unifying Force. MTFBWY, Admiral.

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Adventures of Ackbar: another Ackbar blog!

I recently discovered another Ackbar-related blog, Adventures of Ackbar, which features photographs of Ackbar action figures taken around the world. I added it to the Links section already, but I’d like to give them a special shout-out here.¬†A photo of … Continue reading

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