Adventures of Ackbar: another Ackbar blog!

I recently discovered another Ackbar-related blog, Adventures of Ackbar, which features photographs of Ackbar action figures taken around the world.

I added it to the Links section already, but I’d like to give them a special shout-out here. A photo of one of my Ackbars has been featured (here), and they were also kind enough to link back to this blog in their Links section. Thanks, Adventures of Ackbar!

I’d also like to give my thanks to two other focus collecting websites who link back here:
— LukeJedi.INFO, focused on Luke in his Jedi outfit from ROTJ, and
— Mighty Jabba’s Collection, focused on Jabba the Hutt.
Both of their pages are in my Collecting Links section, and both were kind enough to link back to me as well.

I truly appreciate any and all efforts to spread the word about Ackbar’s Trap! If you’d like to link here, go right ahead! I’d love it if you let me know!


About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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