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Ackbar for my birthday

Today is my birthday! I started collecting Ackbar almost exactly a year ago, because I got some Ackbar stuff on my birthday last year. (It hasn’t been exactly a year yet; I got the Ackbars a few days after my … Continue reading

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More on that Star Wars chess set…

Remember when I posted about that Star Wars chess set that was in Spanish and therefore I couldn’t figure out any details about the set? (For the record, that post is here.) Well, it looks like the set is being … Continue reading

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Daniel Perez Ackbar Coasters

First of all: Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while! Hopefully I’ll get to more of it in the new year! I hope all of my readers had a happy, trap-free holiday! Before I get to blogging about anything else, … Continue reading

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