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ChewiesCargo – Chewie focus collection blog

Fellow PSWCS member Brad recently started a blog dedicated to his Chewbacca collection, I thought I’d give it a shout out here on my Ackbar blog. I’ve also added the link to the Collecting Links section of my blog. … Continue reading

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Erik Bauersfeld interview

Erik Bauersfeld, voice of Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi, was recently interviewed about his Star Wars experience. There’s an article, along with a video, here.

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“It’s a trap” – one of the SW saga’s best scenes

TotalFilm just put out a list of the 50 greatest Star Wars scenes. While I certainly don’t agree with some (actually, most) of the list, our buddy Ackbar shows up at #7 here. (Ackbar previously showed up on another TotalFilm … Continue reading

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One year of Ackbar’s Trap!

It’s been a year ago today since I started this little Ackbar blog. Since then, I’ve gotten over 2400 views, got Bill “Crow T. Robot” Corbett to comment, and have been (not-always-consistently) updating with Ackbar news and Ackbar information as … Continue reading

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Chuck & Beans comic

Today’s Chuck & Beans comic features Admiral Ackbar.

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Kitt-O Buildable Models

At Toy Fair 2012 UK, Kitt-O showed off some buildable papercraft models – and one of them is Ackbar! This picture was taken from the blog Idle Hands, which has some more pictures and information here.

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