Ackbar’s Underwater Army book

I just picked up a paperback copy of Ackbar’s Underwater Army, the book I blogged about here. It is indeed a retelling of the Mon Calamari episodes of The Clone Wars for young readers. To be honest, it is more Prince Lee-Char’s story than Ackbar’s, but Ackbar was probably given the title spot because his name is more recognizable. And as an Ackbar collector, who am I to complain?

I’m not sure how well qualified I am to judge a book aimed at young children, so I won’t provide a real “review.” I will, however, point out a few things I liked. Every page has nice full-color pictures from The Clone Wars, many of which include Ackbar himself, of course. The book also has some informative little sidebars. The sidebars don’t have any new Star Wars lore to offer, but they help explain things to young readers. In what I thought was a nice touch, the book even includes a little sidebar explaining that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Ackbar — someday, he will help the Rebel Alliance fight the Empire.

All in all, a worthwhile addition to any Ackbar collection, and at just $3.99 for the paperback, quite affordable.


About Marissa

I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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