Admiral Ackbar USB drive finally here!

Over a year ago, I posted here that Mimoco would be making an Admiral Ackbar USB drive. Well, I’m pleased to announce (a month late, sorry about that…) that it’s finally here! 

You can find them on the official Mimoco site here in various GB sizes. The press release is here and includes a video.

EDITED to add some more information (after the jump):

I already mentioned that I found out that a Mimoco Ackbar USB drive was in the works back at PAX East 2011, but also worth mentioning is an article in Star Wars Insider issue 110, from July/August 2009, where Mimoco Director of Content Scott Seraydarian says “Evan [Blaustein, founder of Mimoco] is a huge Admiral Ackbar fan, so we’d love to do an Admiral Ackbar.” In other words, this Admiral Ackbar USB drive has been a long time coming!

Ackbar is part of Mimoco’s 8th wave of Star Wars USB drives that also includes Jedi Luke, Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia, and a Biker Scout (the Biker Scout is a limited edition, exclusive to the already-in-the-past San Diego Comic Con ’12 and the upcoming Star Wars Celebration VI, but the other characters, including Ackbar, are NOT exclusive).

Mimoco Star Wars USB drives, regardless of GB size, all come loaded with Star Wars-related content, including exclusive icons and desktop wallpapers featuring the characters in cartoonish styles that mimic the unique design of the USB drives. From what I understand, all the characters in wave 8 feature the same content (for example, the Ackbar USB drive includes icons and wallpapers of not just Ackbar, but Jabba and the other characters from wave 8).

The USB drives also play Star Wars sound clips when you first plug them in (Ackbar, of course, says “It’s a trap”).

I’ll probably have more to say when I get around to owning one for myself.


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I'm a Star Wars fan and Admiral Ackbar enthusiast/collector.
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