First of all, please note that I am not able to get you in contact with Admiral Ackbar himself. He is pretty busy leading the Rebel fleet, and working as a freelance trap consultant on the side. I also have no way to get you in contact with Tim Rose or anyone at Lucasfilm. This is just a fan site.

If you would like to contact me, however, by all means go ahead!


The easiest way to reach me is to just comment right on the blog. You will have to enter an email address, but it will not be shown and it will not be given out to spammers. It’s not a trap, I promise!

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You can also email me directly at [info DOT ackbarstrap AT gmail DOT com]. Please put something like “Ackbar blog” in the subject line so I do not mistake it for spam. Again, I will read all email, but I will not necessarily respond in a timely manner, or at all.


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Please check out my “Collection Wants” page here.

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