My Collection

This is a complete list of all the Ackbar-centric items in my collection.

Anything I own more than one of will be noted in brackets (for example, [x2]).
An asterisk within brackets [*] denotes an item that contains, is part of, or is otherwise included with, another item elsewhere on the list.

For a list of my “quasi-Ackbar items,” which involve Ackbar in some way but not prominently enough for me to consider them part of my collection, check out my Quasi-Ackbar Items page.

If you’d like to help add to my collection, check out my Collection Wants page!

__ Kenner. Vintage ROTJ 65B card. Unpunched.
__ Kenner. Vintage ROTJ 77A card. Punched.
__ Hasbro. POTF2 green holo card. DS 9724. [x2]
__ Hasbro. POTF2 green holo card. DS 9729.
__ Hasbro. POTF2 green Freeze Frame card, “Comlink Wrist Blaster” sticker. DS 9752.
__ Hasbro. POTF2 green Freeze Frame card, “Wrist Blaster” sticker. DS 9815.
__ Hasbro. POTF2 European green photo card. DS 82111.
__ Hasbro. POTF2 12″ Collector Series. [x2]
__ Hasbro. TVC Return card, rocket Fett offer sticker (version 1), other figures on back posed next to cards. Punched. DS 02491. [x2]
__ Hasbro. TVC Revenge card, prototype Fett offer sticker, “Collect these awesome figures!” line on back, other figures on back posed in front of cards. Unpunched. DS 11851.

__ Kenner. Vintage. CoO Hong Kong, cream torso & brown hands. No weapon.
__ Kenner. Vintage. CoO Hong Kong, cream torso. No weapon. [x6]
__ Kenner. Vintage. CoO Taiwan, olive torso. With weapon.
__ Hasbro. POTF2. With weapon. [x3]
__ Hasbro. POTF2 12″ Collector Series.
__ Hasbro. TVC. With all accessories.

__ Applause. PVC figurine. Loose.
__ DeAgostini UK. Official Figurine Collection (number 14). Figurine on card, packaged in plastic together with magazine. [*]
__ Funko. Bobblehead. Sealed in box.
__ Galoob. Transforming playset. Loose, with micro Ackbar figure. [*]
__ Galoob. Micro figure. Loose. Part of transforming playset. [*]
__ Hasbro. Attacktix. Sealed in plastic bag.
__ Hasbro. Attacktix. Loose, with projectile.
__ Hasbro. Galactic Heroes. Loose.
__ Hasbro. Mighty Muggs. Sealed in box.
__ JusToys. Bend ‘Ems. Loose.
__ LEGO. Minifigure keychain. With tag. [x2]
__ LEGO. Minifigure keychain. No tag.
__ LEGO. Minifigure. Loose. Part of LEGO set 7754. [*]
__ Rawcliffe. Pewter figurine. Loose.
__ Wizards of the Coast. SW Miniatures, Universe expansion (number 43). Loose, with stat card. [*]

__ Gentle Giant. Mini-Bust. Loose, with box and CoA. Limited edition (#0842/4000).
__ Illusive Concepts. Maquette bust. Loose, no CoA. Limited edition (#1061/10 000).

__ Merlin UK. Special Edition. Cards 87, 93, 102.
__ Topps. ROTJ Widevision. Cards 59, 86.
__ Topps. Galaxy Series 3. Card 317.
__ Topps. SW Finest. Card 5.
__ Topps. SW Chrome Archives. Card 88.
__ Topps. SW 30th Anniversary. Card 31.
__ Topps. SW Evolutions. Card 3 signed by Tim Rose.

__ WizKids. SW PocketModel TCG. Scum & Villainy expansion. Card 19.

__ Cartamundi. Original Trilogy playing cards. Jack of Hearts.
__ Parker Brothers. SW Trivial Pursuit Original Trilogy Collector’s Edition. Card 327.
__ Topps. SW Dog Tags. Card 22. With dog tag. [*]
__ Wizards of the Coast. SW Miniatures. Universe expansion. Card 43. With miniature. [*]

__ Mighty Beanz. SW Mighty Beanz (number 16). Loose.
__ SW Celebration Japan. Bottle cap. Loose, with adhesive pin backer (unattached).
__ Tazo. SW Trilogy Special Edition. Tazo 123. Loose. (NOTE: the picture shows a different Mon Cal, but it is labeled Ackbar)
__ Topps. SW Pogs. Pog 17. Loose.
__ Topps. SW Dog Tags. Number 22. Loose, but still in plastic. With trading card. [*]
__ Topps. SW Power Plates. “ITSATRAP.” Loose. [x2]

__ Ben Cooper. Child’s costume. Opened box, costume itself still sealed in plastic.
__ DeAgostini UK. Official Figurine Collection (number 14). Magazine. Packaged in plastic along with figurine on card. [*]
__ Disney. WDI Star Tours “Characters with Quotes” pin. Limited edition (not numbered, run of 250).
__ DK. Ackbar’s Underwater Army, by Simon Beecroft. Children’s book. Paperback.
__ LEGO. Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (set 7754). Open and built, with box and instruction booklets. [*]
__ Star Wars Celebration IV. Associate Pass badge.
__ Star Wars Celebration V. Admiral Ackbar Cereal mini cereal box.
__ Star Wars Celebration VI. Underground Toys Admiral Ackbar talking plush.
__ Th. Theophanides (Greece). 3×4″ Mini-Puzzle. Boxed.
__ Topps. Candy dispenser. Loose, empty.

__ Art card. Artist: Kevin Bolk.
__ Art card. Artist: Robert A. Kraus (RAK). [x2]
__ Art card, badge format. Artist: Kevin Bolk.
__ Bracelet. “WWAAD?” Custom ordered from The Awristocrat by Marissa Wilk.
__ Bust, clay. Artist: Frantic Stenger.
__ Coaster. Artist: Daniel Perez. [x2]
__ Necktie. Artist: Marissa Wilk.
__ Painting. Artist: Frantic Stenger.
__ Pins. Hand-drawn art. Artist: Danielle Nemeth. [x2, the two are different]
__ Plush “voodoo doll.” Artist: Frantic Stenger.