Collection Wants

Hello there. This page is meant for anyone who would like to help me expand my Ackbar collection by selling or trading their Ackbar stuff to me.

Please note that none of my Ackbar collection is for sale or trade. I have various other bits of Star Wars merchandise if you’re interested in trading; e-mail me if you’d like more details there.

If you’d like to make me an offer, check out the contact page for how to get in touch with me.

Here’s a quick list of some of the things I’d like for my Ackbar collection. This is by no means a complete list of everything I’m missing, just a few of the things I’m particularly interested in at the moment.

__ Kenner or Hasbro. Any LOOSE Ackbar figures from any line (vintage Kenner, POTF2, or TVC). Preferably complete with accessories.
__ Kenner or Hasbro. Foreign (non-US) carded figures from any line.
__ Hasbro. POTF2. Loose Freeze Frame slide.

__ Artbox. Real Mask magnet. Preferably packaged, loose is OK too.
__ Galoob. Micro Machines Action Fleet B-Wing. Packaged.
__ Hasbro. Galactic Heroes. Nien Nunb & Admiral Ackbar two-pack. Packaged.
__ JusToys. BendEms. Packaged or loose.
__ San Diego Comic Con ’11. Star Wars Blu-Ray promotional paper “mask” fan.
__ Tomy. Kubricks. Preferably boxed, loose is OK too.
__ Topps. Dog tag, shiny chase variant. Preferably with trading card.