More old news I’m just catching up on: Clone Wars DVD

Sorry once again for the lack of recent updates. I’m hoping to catch up on all the Ackbar news I missed out on posting in the last few months and then start posting more Ackbar stuff on a regular basis once again.

The Clone Wars season 4 (whose first three episodes featured a young Captain Ackbar, which I have discussed on this blog in various places, including here) will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on 23 October 2012, according to the official Star Wars website announcement here. (The announcement includes a video trailer, which features some clips from the Mon Cala episodes, including an Ackbar line!)

One of the DVD bonus features will be a look at these Mon Cala episodes. Exclusive to the Blu-Ray edition will be a database of concept art, early animation, and extended and deleted scenes. I’m not sure on the details here, but it’s a fair assumption that these Blu-Ray features will probably involve Ackbar somewhere.

I’m not sure if I’m going to buy this, to be honest. It’s not that I don’t enjoy The Clone Wars — I happen to think that, overall, it’s a pretty fun cartoon show, if not in line with the classic Star Wars trilogy I know and love — but I’m not sure if I really need to own the entire fourth season just because its first three episodes had Ackbar in them.

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Admiral Ackbar USB drive finally here!

Over a year ago, I posted here that Mimoco would be making an Admiral Ackbar USB drive. Well, I’m pleased to announce (a month late, sorry about that…) that it’s finally here! 

You can find them on the official Mimoco site here in various GB sizes. The press release is here and includes a video.

EDITED to add some more information (after the jump):

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Sorry for the lack of updates.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to reassure you all that I’m still around and I’m still collecting Ackbar; I’ve just been neglecting this blog and for that I apologize.

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Stephen Colbert mentions Ackbar AGAIN

Stephen Colbert mentioned Admiral Ackbar on the May 3 2012 Colbert Report. The video link is here (it may not work for everyone). My computer is running a bit slow, but I’ll post screencaps later.

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Ackbar Evolutions card signed by Tim Rose

Today I got a trading card in the mail that I’d purchased on eBay. It’s the Ackbar Evolutions card, and it’s been signed by Tim Rose! (Not to be confused with the official Tim Rose autograph card that was part of the Evolutions set.)

There’s no Certificate of Authenticity, but I’m not worried, because Tim Rose has a distinctive signature (on his website he even mentions this) and it looks right. And besides, I didn’t pay a whole lot of money for it, and I don’t plan on selling it.

The card is shiny and rather hard to get a good picture of. I’ll post pictures later if I can manage to get a good-quality one.

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Showing off my collection

It’s time to show off the collection again!

Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, again, one day I swear I’ll have a real camera and take real pictures like a real person.

Until then, enjoy some cell phone pictures of my Ackbar collection.

Pictures after the jump…

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Ackbar’s Underwater Army book

I just picked up a paperback copy of Ackbar’s Underwater Army, the book I blogged about here. It is indeed a retelling of the Mon Calamari episodes of The Clone Wars for young readers. To be honest, it is more Prince Lee-Char’s story than Ackbar’s, but Ackbar was probably given the title spot because his name is more recognizable. And as an Ackbar collector, who am I to complain?

I’m not sure how well qualified I am to judge a book aimed at young children, so I won’t provide a real “review.” I will, however, point out a few things I liked. Every page has nice full-color pictures from The Clone Wars, many of which include Ackbar himself, of course. The book also has some informative little sidebars. The sidebars don’t have any new Star Wars lore to offer, but they help explain things to young readers. In what I thought was a nice touch, the book even includes a little sidebar explaining that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Ackbar — someday, he will help the Rebel Alliance fight the Empire.

All in all, a worthwhile addition to any Ackbar collection, and at just $3.99 for the paperback, quite affordable.

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