Collecting Links


Bantha Skull, a general collecting website. Warning: their tagline is “cuz sometimes you gotta swear when talking about Star Wars,” so keep that in mind.
From Bricks to Bothans, a LEGO site
Galactic Hunter, modern Star Wars collecting news
Imperial Holocron, a general collecting website
Jedi Business, a site focused on modern Hasbro
Jedi Temple Archives, with great photos of Star Wars toys, focused on modern Hasbro (POTF2 to current)
Rebelscum, a general collecting website
Sandtroopers, a general collecting website, despite the name, NOT a sandtroopers focus
The Star Wars Collectors Archive, a must-see
The Star Wars Collector’s Bible, a general collecting website with great text checklists
Star Wars Guide, a general collecting website with text checklists and some good photo information as well
Yakface, general collecting information
Yoda’s News, general collecting news


The Armory of the Jawas, a guide to reproduction/fake vintage weapons
The Imperial Gunnery, another repro vintage weapons site

Mr. Palitoy’s Cardback Guide, dedicated to vintage Palitoy cardbacks, dedicated to vintage Tri-logo cardbacks

TRADING CARD COLLECTING, with great text checklists of many trading cards from vintage to current
Jawa Trader, with some great pictures of Star Wars trading cards of all eras


The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society


Chewies Cargo
The Chewseum
Luke Jedi.INFO
Mffanrodders’s Blog (The Millennium Falcon)
Mighty Jabba’s Collection
Orange Squadron (Rebel pilots)
R2-D2 Central
Zuckuss Hunter