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Showing off my collection

It’s time to show off the collection again! Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, again, one day I swear I’ll have a real camera and take real pictures like a real person. Until then, enjoy some cell phone pictures of … Continue reading

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Ackbar’s Underwater Army book

I just picked up a paperback copy of Ackbar’s Underwater Army, the book I blogged about here. It is indeed a retelling of the Mon Calamari episodes of The Clone Wars for young readers. To be honest, it is more Prince Lee-Char’s story … Continue reading

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Gial Ackbar?

Did you know Ackbar’s first name was Gial? I didn’t know that until today, flipping through the Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare at Barnes & Noble. I guess the name was made up for the book, as I’d never heard it … Continue reading

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New children’s book: Ackbar’s Underwater Army

In a few days (16 April 2012), a children’s book featuring Ackbar as he appeared in The Clone Wars will be coming out! It’s called Ackbar’s Underwater Army and I can only assume it will be a retelling of the events of … Continue reading

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ThinkGeek April Fools Singing Ackbar

ThinkGeek likes to make fake products for April Fools Day. This year, they came up with the amazing Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass. Remember, the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag started out as an April Fools joke too, so there’s hope that this … Continue reading

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